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MileGate combines carrier-grade broadband access, telephony and data interfaces in one single, compact Next-Generation Access Platform. With POTS and ISDN interfaces, VoIP media gateways based on H.248/MEGACO and SIP and integrated V5.2 interfaces, MileGate is the ideal foundation for any telephony solution. It is easy to change between V5.2 and H.248, or SIP by just downloading software. As a result the platform means safety of investment for future migrations.

In addition to the BLC and IP-DSLAM functions, MileGate is based on flexible and heavy-duty engineering and can be used in an enhanced range of temperatures.

  • Optical Ethernet for FTTx network architectures
  • Allows full redundancy of the central unit and media gateway
  • System architecture with up to 100 Mbps per port
  • Optical and electrical gigabit Ethernet uplink
  • Media gateways for POTS/ISDN telephony via V5.2 or VoIP (SIP/H.248) and data services
  • Optical subscriber interfaces (100BaseFX, GbE)
  • Numerous data interfaces (G.703, X.21, V.35, 10/100BaseT, GbE)
  • Triple Play services, such as IPTV, broadband Internet access, VoIP
  • A variety of DSL interfaces (ADSL2plus, SHDSL, VDSL2)
  • Maximum availability in carrier-grade quality (99.999%)
  • Extensive service quality functions (QoS)
  • Enhanced range of temperatures -25 °C to + 60 °C>

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