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GENBAND is a global leader in software-based, smart networking solutions from the Core to the Edge to the Experience, helping many of the largest service providers and enterprises in the world connect people to each other as well as address growing demands from today’s consumers and businesses for communications, information and entertainment, wherever they happen to be.

Genband Provides the SMART product portfolio as follows:


    As networks increasingly migrate to IP, the core network must often accommodate a disparate array of technologies in order to ensure...


    The network edge has become the focal point for communications, the place where all traffic is exchanged between networks, the key point for substantial service...


    Faced with intensified competition for businesses and consumers, service providers are paying greater attention to the end user experience...

  • Industry Innovation

    The emergence of the Internet as a viable medium for communications and entertainment has profoundly impacted the pace of innovation in the telecommunications industry, as well as significantly expanding the competitive landscape. Network operators, once the only option for fulfilling the...

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