Customer Care and Billing

Tecnotree Agility™ Convergent Billing is an all-in-one product with a comprehensive set of customer centric care and convergent billing functions. Convergent Billing manages the end-to-end customer lifecycle of all your prepaid, postpaid and hybrid customers. The solution provides all you need to support bundle management, service and account management, rating and billing, collection and debt management. In addition, the solution also contains self-care, and inventory and order management functionality.

Key Features

  • Convergent billing and customer lifecycle management in multi-play networks
  • Highly flexible, scalable and configurable tariff management via intuitive GUI, allowing full control of rating, package definition and discount management
  • Unified customer care with integrated capability for advanced trouble ticket management
  • Capability to support cross product bundles and discounting
  • Pre-integrated software modules that can easily be adapted to connect to most applications, such as financial systems and ERP systems

Key Benefits

  • Reduced complexity for management of the entire subscriber lifecycle for all your subscribers, using one single product
  • Enhanced customer experience and improved conversion rate for cross-selling opportunities, by making all customer and service information available to your customer representatives
  • Quick time to market for generating new pricing structures and subscription packages
  • Reduced operations costs and enhanced customer experience via one single bill providing all the information for all services your subscriber has contracted

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