E-voucher is a form of on-demand prepaid reload vouchers printed electronically when there is a transaction that takes place in the retailer outlets currently.

E-vouchers is printed via the ESCO point of sales systems. Prepaid reload PINs are securely stored (offline mode) or POS to dial in (online mode) in encrypted format in the point of sales terminals and will be printed when there is a demand of sales.

Service provider logo, user instructions, usage terms and conditions also can be printed on the voucher.

System Features
  • Many Dealers option available .
  • Sub-Dealers option available .
  • Insert orders directly to the system .
  • Discount groups and limit group .
  • Show all terminals and merchants statues .
  • Get complete details of customers regardless of the period .
  • Full Financial System with full accuracy .
  • Other features .

Distribution Chain Management
  • Distribution chain management system for operators, distributors, and retail stores.
  • Funds transferring between agents and finally to the end user.
  • Detailed Sales Report.
  • Transaction History.

Terminal Futures
  • Enable both Arabic and English Language.
  • Complete flexibility for upgrades.
  • Offline.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Generate Order.
  • No need for a long term phone line connection.
  • Good for remote regions with limited land line availability.
  • Online.
  • Speed and Capacity.
  • Reprint.
  • Many sales operators can work on the same terminal with password to each.

Service Provider Benefits
  • Solutions for Every Requirement .
  • Network Coverage .
  • High Quality Customer Service .
  • Proven Business Process .
  • Low Cost & Control .
  • Quick & Easy Process .
  • Cash Flow .
  • Efficiency.
  • Less Expenses.
  • Flexibility of updates.

Retailers Benefits
  • Increase Customer Traffic .
  • Low Entry Retailer Investment .
  • Full Retailer Support .
  • Full audit trail and reconciliation .

Consumers Benefits

ESCO Top-UP service is available 24 hours a day across the country with 1500 point of sales (POS) in major retail outlets.

  • Round the clock availability (anytime) .
  • Easily Accessible (everywhere) .
  • Secure .
  • Efficient.
  • Easy.

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