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Kathrein is the global market leader in the field of base station antennas for mobile cellular networks, with monthly production exceeding 100,000 units. Our customer base includes all major system manufacturers as well as over 240 network operators worldwide. Over 90 % of our production is exported.

The product range in the mobile communications segment extends from 25 to 6,000 MHz, featuring directional and omni-directional antennas tailored to specificcustomer needs, as well as special antennas for buses and trains and for ground-to-air communications. Kathrein’s extensive product range can be appreciated in the catalogue for the 698-6,000 MHz range, which features over 250 types for CDMA 800/1900, GSM 900/1800, UMTS 900/2100, LTE, WIMAX and WLAN.

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