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Moseco Group is proud to serve more than 25 customers including telecom operators and utility companies across the Arab countries of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon.

The group employs an excess of 500 qualified staff including management, sales & technical staff all are fully dedicated to provide the highest quality of services to our customer base.

Headquartered in the city of Amman Jordan, The Group operates through its physical entities located in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia, Doha/Qatar, Amman/Jordan, Ramallah/Palestine and Erbil/North Iraq. Our technology partners spans the world continents including Asia, Americas, Europe & Africa.

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Our Address:Amman, Jordan
Telephone:+962 6 5548800
Fax:+962 6 5521456