Interconnect Billing

A truly unified platform for lean operation at predictable low cost of ownership.

End-to-end support for bill-cycle, fully automatic with no revenue leakage.

  • National and international, bilaterals and multilaterals.
  • Voice, SMS, Data / IP, and more.
  • Collection, pre-processing, rating, billing, reconciliation and settlement.
  • Reporting for all departments.

Unified Platform

Designed with route optimization, trade commerce support, billing for fixed and mobile wholesale products and digital service partnerships.

Benefits of the Unified Platform

Interconnect Billing by Basset runs on a normalized database where functionality is accessed through the same web-user interface.

Using individual roles and permissions users access all necessary data and perform relevant tasks.

  • Predictable low cost of ownership
  • All costs known from the start with simple license model
  • Normalized system means very easy maintenance
  • High reusability, don’t pay for same thing twice

An open platform that scale alongside your business

  • Get what you need and simply enable more when needed
  • Quick enabling in a single normalized platform
  • Less risky integration and coordination projects

Truly lean and efficient with less risk

  • Users achieve more from a single user interface
  • Collaboration and enablement in a unified process
  • Clear responsibilities with no redundant or duplicate tasks

In the unified platform business data is normalized and available with no delays. Users have direct access to all reports as needed, trade updates are directly reflected in routing and billing.

Innovated together with the leading group operators the system is trusted for handling millions of dollars every month.

Our customers are always looking for ways to improve. We provide a set of unique features for capturing opportunities while maintaining control over your cost.

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