Localized Support Services

Moseco is a trusted partner with over than 30 years of experience in the telecom industry. The Group companies have engaged with several Telecom projects in different geographical areas wither infrastructure related or OSS/BSS related projects. Below are sample projects:


ITEC Palestine, one of Moseco Group companies, have been subcontracted by Genband and Ciena since 10 years today providing local support & installation services to the Palestine Telecommunications (PALTEL)


Bazy Saudi, one of Moseco Group companies, is engaged with Infovista supporting a major IP/MPLS Performance management OSS project with Saudi Telecom since 2008 where Bazy and Infovsita have executed, successfully, seven phases of the project. Bazy Team is a certified on the Infovista products and is able to execute similar project with other customers in the region. The company is also providing services for several OSS projects along with our OSS partner (NetBoss) providing turn-key OSS project for utilty companies in Saudi such as Saudi Electric.


Moseco Jordan is providing fist level support services on behalf of Anite Nemo, a glocla leading company in the field of drive testing. Moseco Jordan team is supporting all Nemo products with customers such as Umniah Jordan, Syriatel, Alfa Lebanon, Asicell Iraq and Newroz Iraq. Moreover, Msoeco Jordan and ITEC Palestine ar supporting a large drive test project with Jawwal in Palestine.


ITEC Palestine is has installed almost 50% of Jawwal cell site network and at least 30% of Wataniya Mobile network in Palestine including west bank and Gaza strip. The group companies including ITEC Palestine, Moseco Jordan and Bazy Saudi are engaged and successfully executed in large scale FTTH projects.


Moseco Qatar and Bazy Saudi has executed ad are supporting a considerable installations of Wall Screen systems for tire one Telecom such Saudi Telecom and QTEL.


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