Network Auditing

Network equipment manufacturers are successful when their products are deployed in live networks and function correctly with various network traffic load conditions. New technology products providing complex services require extensive function and regression testing, as well as stress tests of new service features under severe traffic loads.

Testing new technology services and network equipment

Nexus Telecom delivers network interface simulation and traffic load testing systems to both equipment manufacturers and network Operators. Equipment manufacturers need leading edge technology testing systems aligned with the tasks of performing equipment acceptance testing with future network protocol and interface technologies. This same test system is available to network Operators, who want to test the integration of new network equipment with their existing network specific interfaces and services, especially when the network Operator offers customized service products to get that differentiating edge over the competitor networks.

Our customers enjoy having one platform that delivers all network technology interface simulations, which is also combined with the most reliable performance load testing features on the market.

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