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NetBoss Technologies, Inc., utilizes a top-down approach that integrates your strategic business level objectives as a part of our Service Assurance Solutions This assures all aspects of your operations are obtaining the maximum advantage possible from the products and services that make up your Service Assurance Solution.

The NetBoss approach is to understand your strategic business level objectives first and then tune everything we do to assure the Service Assurance Solution meets those goals. Although unique for each corporation, strategic goals cascade throughout the organization into many operational goals and even more tactical plans that require applications and staff to deliver the resulting tactics. NetBoss harmonizes those goals, plans, tactics, applications, and people to deliver Service Assurance Solutions that:

  • Focus each level of the organization on consistent goals
  • Improve inter-organizational communications
  • Drive consistency and accountability through Executive, Manager, Operations, & NOC levels
  • Reduce operational complexities and their associated cost

Increase margins

  • Improve customer loyalty and service use
  • Lower operational and lifecycle cost
  • Lower IT and deployment cost
  • Reduce administration and operational complexity
  • Maximize existing and new infrastructure investments

Innovative new end customer revenue-generating services

  • Faster time to value of resources and services
  • Faster time to repair
  • Access to cross-functional data to understand and control Customer Quality of Service

Improve end customer experiences

  • Reduce churn
  • Increase service use
  • Improve overall satisfaction

NTI weaves their experience from deploying Service Assurance Solutions in multiple industries into every installation. At NTI we work with you to define and implement the applications necessary to achieve your goals and provide cost-effective solutions through our service and applications:

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