OSS / BSS Solutions

All fixed and mobile telecommunications service providers have physical equipment with embedded software that enables them to offer services. Beyond this embedded network software, there are two other kinds of software that are critical to a service provider's day-to-day business: business support systems and operations support systems.

BSS (Business Support System) software applications are used by operations, customer care, and other functional groups to manage business operations focusing on external business such as billing, rating, sales management, customer-service management and customer databases.

OSS (Operations Support System) software applications allow operations and IT personnel to administer the operational processes focusing on the network and services, including service quality monitoring, network and server performance, logical and physical resources management (also referred to as element and network management), and provisioning.

OSS and BSS are the foundation of a service provider's business. They enable telecom service providers to manage their networks, their business and their customer relations. Furthermore, they are a key part of the Service Delivery Environment (SDE), enabling service providers to deploy advanced IMS, IPTV, Web or "blended" services to their customers.

MOSECO Group provides and supports end-to-end OSS/BSS solutions ranging from Mediation Systems, Network Management, Network Inventory, Customer Care & Billing, Prepaid Systems, VAS, E-Voucher, Fraud and RA systems. MOSECO partners with the global technology vendors that are leading the OSS/BSS technology across the world.

Network Management:: NetBoss Technologies

NetBoss Technologies, Inc., utilizes a top-down approach that integrates your strategic business level objectives as a part of our Service Assurance Solutions This assures all aspects of your operations are obtaining the maximum advantage possible from the products and services that make up your Service Assurance Solution.

The NetBoss approach is to understand your strategic business level objectives first and then tune everything we do to assure the Service Assurance Solution meets those goals. Although unique for each corporation, strategic goals cascade throughout the organization into many operational goals and even more tactical plans that require applications and staff to deliver the resulting tactics. NetBoss harmonizes those goals, plans, tactics, applications, and people to deliver Service Assurance Solutions that:

  • Focus each level of the organization on consistent goals
  • Improve inter-organizational communications
  • Drive consistency and accountability through Executive, Manager, Operations, & NOC levels
  • Reduce operational complexities and their associated cost

Increase margins

  • Improve customer loyalty and service use
  • Lower operational and lifecycle cost
  • Lower IT and deployment cost
  • Reduce administration and operational complexity
  • Maximize existing and new infrastructure investments

Innovative new end customer revenue-generating services

  • Faster time to value of resources and services
  • Faster time to repair
  • Access to cross-functional data to understand and control Customer Quality of Service

Improve end customer experiences

  • Reduce churn
  • Increase service use
  • Improve overall satisfaction

NTI weaves their experience from deploying Service Assurance Solutions in multiple industries into every installation. At NTI we work with you to define and implement the applications necessary to achieve your goals and provide cost-effective solutions through our service and applications:

IP Performance Management :: Infovista

InfoVista’s network planning, service assurance, network performance management, application performance management, and network optimization solutions and services empower communications service providers and IT-intensive enterprises to deliver high-performing and differentiated services while cost-effectively planning, operating, optimizing and monetizing their RF and IP network

Customer Care & Billing :: Technotree

Tecnotree Agility™ Convergent Billing is an all-in-one product with a comprehensive set of customer centric care and convergent billing functions. Convergent Billing manages the end-to-end customer lifecycle of all your prepaid, postpaid and hybrid customers. The solution provides all you need to support bundle management, service and account management, rating and billing, collection and debt management. In addition, the solution also contains self-care, and inventory and order management functionality.

Key Features

  • • Convergent billing and customer lifecycle management in multi-play networks
  • • Highly flexible, scalable and configurable tariff management via intuitive GUI, allowing full control of rating, package definition and discount management
  • • Unified customer care with integrated capability for advanced trouble ticket management
  • • Capability to support cross product bundles and discounting
  • • Pre-integrated software modules that can easily be adapted to connect to most applications, such as financial systems and ERP systems

Key Benefits

  • • Reduced complexity for management of the entire subscriber lifecycle for all your subscribers, using one single product
  • • Enhanced customer experience and improved conversion rate for cross-selling opportunities, by making all customer and service information available to your customer representatives
  • • Quick time to market for generating new pricing structures and subscription packages
  • • Reduced operations costs and enhanced customer experience via one single bill providing all the information for all services your subscriber has contracted

  • Fraud & Revenue Assurance:: WeDo

    Revenue Assurance

    Revenue Assurance consist of a series of activities that are applied to ensure that the business processes, the organizational structure, controls and the information systems related to revenue cycle (consumption capture, pricing, billing and collections) work together effectively to protect revenues and maximize the working margins.

    WeDo Technologies RAID 7.0 - Revenue Assurance software is the industry leading tool for telecom companies that want to implement automated capabilities to proactively identify, recover and mitigate revenue leakage through the entire revenue cycle.

    RAID 7.0 extends the product built-in business logic and adds new fast deployment packages that address specific telecom revenue assurance challenges. These packages have been in line with the industry standards and best practice making it even more flexible to support and integrate with new services and technologies and faster to deploy.

    RAID 7.0 provides a modular approach to rapid deployment for telecom specific challenges, such as:

    • Customer and service provisioning assurance
    • Service and usage assurance
    • Collections assurance
    • Partner settlement assurance
    • Incentives assurance

    With RAID 7.0 modular approach for the telecom industry, projects can be up and running with the predictability of implementation time, cost, and the outcomes that meets the agreed delivery times. Moreover RAID 7.0 provides the flexibility to integrate with emerging technology as your company grows.

    Fraud Management

    eDo Technologies’ RAID:FMS 7.0 provides real-time fraud protection by identifying suspicious or fraudulent activity. RAID:FMS 7.0 offers unsurpassed visibility, automation, flexibility, and scalability to protect today’s rapidly changing telecom environments against increasingly sophisticated fraud threats.

    RAID:FMS 7.0 new fast deployment solution combines software, best practices, and services to accelerate the implementation process, providing telecom operators with a fixed-scope and fixed-price offering based on pre-built scenarios and detection techniques.

    The new pre-built scenarios and detection techniques offered by RAID:FMS 7.0 allow investigators to intelligently focus on the most urgent and actionable fraud alerts to prevent and reduce losses from high exposure activities. These activities include the following:

    • Subscription Fraud
    • International Revenue Share Fraud
    • PBX Hacking
    • SIM Cloning
    • Premium Rate Services Fraud
    • Interconnect Bypass / SIM box
    • Spamming
    • Dealers Fraud
    • Mobile Money (Mobile Wallets, M-Banking, Financial transaction)
    • M2M

    RAID:FMS 7.0 operates within WeDo Technologies’ RAID software suite, the first comprehensive Business Assurance solution for the unique needs of the telecom industry. RAID is built upon WeDo’s best-in-class telecom risk and compliance behavior detection technics for revenue assurance, fraud detection, billing validation, traffic analytics and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

    Rating & Validation

    WeDo Technologies’ RAID:RBV 7.0 - Rating validation and Billing software module, helps operators solve the problems that occur during the rating and invoice generation process. RAID automates the validation of billing cycles rated xDRs for the operator’s different billing systems (Interconnect, Customer, Roaming and Wholesale Billing, etc.) to guarantee accuracy of service charges.

    RAID:RBV 7.0 ensures that bills are fully validated for total expenditure, as well as for all components of the full invoice. This is achieved by performing independent external audits and verifications procedures to the operators’ rating and billing mechanisms.

    Within the RAID Business Assurance software, rating and billing validation follows a modular approach so that organizations can choose the features best suited to their needs.

    RAID Rating and Billing Validation provides the following integrated features in one single software module:

    • Rating Validation
      Rating Validation feature recalculates the value xDRs that have been rated by an existing billing/ rating system (e.g. Postpaid Billing System, Intelligent Network node) based on a user-defined rate plan. Rating Validation feature then reports any discrepancies between the original value of the xDR and the recalculated value.
    • Billing Validation
      The Billing Validation feature verifies each billable item before the invoice goes to print by comparing the customer’s historical behavior and statistical data toany additional sources and the invoice itself, at both an aggregated and a detailed level. This level of validation ensures higher accuracy through more consistent analysis of invoices.

    Value Added Services :: StreamWide

    StreamWIDE surpasses its competition by offering a comprehensive, custom or off-the-shelf value-added-services product line that adapts to all types of core networks, from legacy TDM, 2G, 3G, to LTE, pre-IMS and IMS networks, and serves multiple markets, from online service providers to mobile, landline, business and MVNO operators.

    StreamWIDE applications servers are organized by families of services including Messaging, Charging, Multimedia, Marketing, Reachability, Interconnection and Service Creation Environment.

    StreamWIDE surpasses its competition by offering a comprehensive, custom or off-the-shelf value-added services product line that provides operators with all the tools and solutions they need to fully maximize earning potential with minimal delays.

    The StreamWIDE product line includes the following suite of solutions:

    • Mobile Messaging & Call Completion: Next Generation Call Completion Solutions
    • Reachability: Virtual Number and Social Telephony
    • Charging: Next generation convergent online charging
    • Multimedia: Ringback tones, conferencing
    • Marketing: Virtual call center and marketing solutions
    • Interconnection: Connectivity solutions for NGN and IMS networks
    • Service Creation Environment: SIP-based application development platform

    Operators, service providers, and system integrators prefer customized, unique solutions -- they need to develop trials and to launch in a matter of weeks rather than wait for the next roadmap. StreamWIDE opens up the possibility of deploying on-demand solutions in addition to its off-the-shelf product portfolio.

    Leveraging StreamWIDE Factory, an in-depth, exhaustive, and agile development environment, StreamWIDE can combine the proven capabilities of its core voice technology with online services or operators’ legacy systems to adapt existing products, create mashups, or even build new specific solutions.