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InfoVista delivers the innovation necessary to ensure that wireless networks are planned with efficiency and accuracy — both now and in the future. Through the network design and planning product suite that covers all stages of network maturity, from initial dimensioning and planning to the ongoing network optimization and operation, InfoVista offers wireless operators everything they need to manage the growth of their existing networks, while planning and rolling out their next-generation 4G wireless networks.

The Mentum Planet and Mentum Ellipse products are recognized as industry-leading software solutions for the efficient planning and optimizing of wireless access and backhaul networks. With our planning solutions, you’ll have what you need to rapidly optimize your existing networks, expand coverage and launch new 4G broadband networks.

The network of today's wireless operator must evolve to cost-effectively offer advanced data services and stay one step ahead of the competition. New technologies such as LTE, HSPA and WiMAX present new opportunities, but their advanced features, usage patterns and the need for a cleaner radio channel that can offer improved system capacity are fueling the need for innovative RF planning and optimization software. Better network design practices are generating long-lasting benefits in terms of quality of service and network capacity. Mentum Planet is a wireless network planning and optimization software that enables the design better networks through quality engineering solutions, that was built to address the complex requirements of wireless broadband technologies for operators, equipment vendors and consulting firms involved in the planning, operation and optimization of wireless networks.

The capacity requirements of all wireless access networks are rapidly increasing, driven by the consumer’s appetite for wireless data services and the improved capacity potential of new wireless access technologies (e.g., HSPA). Such evolution requires that operators quickly upgrade backhaul networks in order to handle the rising demand. While PDH/SDH connections were the norm for 2G and 3G, this is now changing due to all-IP access networks (i.e., LTE, WiMAX) and the cost-reduction potential offered by Ethernet backhaul solutions. Roughly half of these connections are now microwave Ethernet (i.e., approx. 300,000 per year), meaning that most wireless operators are also managing large scale backhaul networks with thousands of microwave connections.

These networks require the right engineering solution — a solution that delivers the best possible cost while providing the right level of capacity and ensures reliability for access networks. Mentum Ellipse is a new generation of wireless backhaul engineering solution focused on the needs of wireless operators who demand superior solutions that go well beyond traditional microwave link engineering. What makes Mentum Ellipse truly different is the operator’s ability to manage and optimize large-scale backhaul networks while minimizing costs.

Mentum Fusion offers world-leading capabilities that enable on-demand generation, real-time multi-user access and national visualization of multi-technology coverage maps, network configurations and network performance. By automating these processes, mobile operators can easily bridge the costly gap between planning and operations, allowing them to reduce operational expenditures (OPEX) and promote collaboration and sharing of network intelligence, which is critical for ensuring quality of experience and marketing differentiation.

Geodata requirements for wireless service providers are still a special niche of the digital mapping industry that is catered to by a select number of vendors. With roots in this specialty market dating back 15+ years to MSI and its expertise in radio propagation, InfoVista is uniquely positioned to provide quality geodata products that are optimized to work with your planning solution, your RF processes and your budget. Infovista's ability to support geodata internally is unique amongst leading RF planning tool vendors. Our team has knowledge of optimal geodata inputs for various tools and models, thanks to our close work with R&D to determine which applications benefit from which data types and resolutions. This means we can offer well-rounded recommendations to prevent unnecessary data expenditures.

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