Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance consist of a series of activities that are applied to ensure that the business processes, the organizational structure, controls and the information systems related to revenue cycle (consumption capture, pricing, billing and collections) work together effectively to protect revenues and maximize the working margins.

WeDo Technologies RAID 7.0 - Revenue Assurance software is the industry leading tool for telecom companies that want to implement automated capabilities to proactively identify, recover and mitigate revenue leakage through the entire revenue cycle.

RAID 7.0 extends the product built-in business logic and adds new fast deployment packages that address specific telecom revenue assurance challenges. These packages have been in line with the industry standards and best practice making it even more flexible to support and integrate with new services and technologies and faster to deploy.

RAID 7.0 provides a modular approach to rapid deployment for telecom specific challenges, such as:

  • Customer and service provisioning assurance
  • Service and usage assurance
  • Collections assurance
  • Partner settlement assurance
  • Incentives assurance

With RAID 7.0 modular approach for the telecom industry, projects can be up and running with the predictability of implementation time, cost, and the outcomes that meets the agreed delivery times. Moreover RAID 7.0 provides the flexibility to integrate with emerging technology as your company grows.

Fraud Management

eDo Technologies’ RAID:FMS 7.0 provides real-time fraud protection by identifying suspicious or fraudulent activity. RAID:FMS 7.0 offers unsurpassed visibility, automation, flexibility, and scalability to protect today’s rapidly changing telecom environments against increasingly sophisticated fraud threats.

RAID:FMS 7.0 new fast deployment solution combines software, best practices, and services to accelerate the implementation process, providing telecom operators with a fixed-scope and fixed-price offering based on pre-built scenarios and detection techniques.

The new pre-built scenarios and detection techniques offered by RAID:FMS 7.0 allow investigators to intelligently focus on the most urgent and actionable fraud alerts to prevent and reduce losses from high exposure activities. These activities include the following:

  • Subscription Fraud
  • International Revenue Share Fraud
  • PBX Hacking
  • SIM Cloning
  • Premium Rate Services Fraud
  • Interconnect Bypass / SIM box
  • Spamming
  • Dealers Fraud
  • Mobile Money (Mobile Wallets, M-Banking, Financial transaction)
  • M2M

RAID:FMS 7.0 operates within WeDo Technologies’ RAID software suite, the first comprehensive Business Assurance solution for the unique needs of the telecom industry. RAID is built upon WeDo’s best-in-class telecom risk and compliance behavior detection technics for revenue assurance, fraud detection, billing validation, traffic analytics and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

Rating & Validation

WeDo Technologies’ RAID:RBV 7.0 - Rating validation and Billing software module, helps operators solve the problems that occur during the rating and invoice generation process. RAID automates the validation of billing cycles rated xDRs for the operator’s different billing systems (Interconnect, Customer, Roaming and Wholesale Billing, etc.) to guarantee accuracy of service charges.

RAID:RBV 7.0 ensures that bills are fully validated for total expenditure, as well as for all components of the full invoice. This is achieved by performing independent external audits and verifications procedures to the operators’ rating and billing mechanisms.

Within the RAID Business Assurance software, rating and billing validation follows a modular approach so that organizations can choose the features best suited to their needs.

RAID Rating and Billing Validation provides the following integrated features in one single software module:

  • Rating Validation
    Rating Validation feature recalculates the value xDRs that have been rated by an existing billing/ rating system (e.g. Postpaid Billing System, Intelligent Network node) based on a user-defined rate plan. Rating Validation feature then reports any discrepancies between the original value of the xDR and the recalculated value.
  • Billing Validation
    The Billing Validation feature verifies each billable item before the invoice goes to print by comparing the customer’s historical behavior and statistical data toany additional sources and the invoice itself, at both an aggregated and a detailed level. This level of validation ensures higher accuracy through more consistent analysis of invoices.

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