Scratch Cards

Following a significant investment in state-of-the-art, large-scale personalization equipment, dz card has developed into a specialist in high-volume production of scratch cards in PVC as well as paper.

Especially in the area of multipanel cards for low denominations and substantial saving in costs of distribution, dz card has developed a high level of expertise.

dz card's staff are continuously trained to maintain and improve our high levels of security and quality. Also, our card production process complies with the strictest requirements and standards set by Visa and MasterCard. For scratch cards this provides a level of security that satisfies even the most stringent requirements of our demanding customers.

Over several years, dz card has developed quality control procedures in close cooperation with our customers to ensure a product conformance rate of almost 100%. We are very proud of this result, which gives dz card a significant competitive edge.

The dz card fulfillment line supports all customer requirements from security sealed plastic wrapping to large welcome packs and special promotions.

Our monthly manufacturing capacity of more than 100 million cards makes dz card one of the region's leading scratch card producers.

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Telephone:+962 6 5548800
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