Special sites often require tailor-made solutions. To meet customer's requirements, MOSECO designs special-purpose monopoles disguised to meet the environment needs, or modify existing monopoles without drastically affecting schedules.

MOSECO lightweight penalized shelter provides fast, rugged and economical solution for any delicate equipment that needs to be in a controlled environment. The pre-fabricated insulated steel shelters are efficiently packed in an easy to ship kit that can be rapidly assembled at site within few hours.

Our technical and engineering proficiency has granted us expertise in fabricating light weight and durable telecom shelters for varied requirements of the telecom industry. These shelters are appropriate to withstand harsh climatic conditions and protect sophisticated telecom equipment from moisture, air and dust. These shelters are portable and are light weight to ensure easy on-site installation. These shelters prove to be a cost effective solution and can also be customized as per the requirements of our clients.

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