Value Added Services

StreamWIDE surpasses its competition by offering a comprehensive, custom or off-the-shelf value-added-services product line that adapts to all types of core networks, from legacy TDM, 2G, 3G, to LTE, pre-IMS and IMS networks, and serves multiple markets, from online service providers to mobile, landline, business and MVNO operators.

StreamWIDE applications servers are organized by families of services including Messaging, Charging, Multimedia, Marketing, Reachability, Interconnection and Service Creation Environment.

StreamWIDE surpasses its competition by offering a comprehensive, custom or off-the-shelf value-added services product line that provides operators with all the tools and solutions they need to fully maximize earning potential with minimal delays.

The StreamWIDE product line includes the following suite of solutions:

  • Mobile Messaging & Call Completion: Next Generation Call Completion Solutions
  • Reachability: Virtual Number and Social Telephony
  • Charging: Next generation convergent online charging
  • Multimedia: Ringback tones, conferencing
  • Marketing: Virtual call center and marketing solutions
  • Interconnection: Connectivity solutions for NGN and IMS networks
  • Service Creation Environment: SIP-based application development platform

Operators, service providers, and system integrators prefer customized, unique solutions -- they need to develop trials and to launch in a matter of weeks rather than wait for the next roadmap. StreamWIDE opens up the possibility of deploying on-demand solutions in addition to its off-the-shelf product portfolio.

Leveraging StreamWIDE Factory, an in-depth, exhaustive, and agile development environment, StreamWIDE can combine the proven capabilities of its core voice technology with online services or operators’ legacy systems to adapt existing products, create mashups, or even build new specific solutions.

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